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A Foodie Escape

True food experiences that capture the essence of cooking throughout our local communities.

About 150 miles away from St. Louis, nestled in rural northeast Missouri amid green, tranquil pastures and fields of tall, golden corn, is the Heartland Creamery, a thriving dairy and creamery operation – and so much more.

A herd of 9,000 cows and 2,000 goats are milked daily at the dairy, providing the source for the creamery’s award-winning gouda-style, Cheddar-style and fresh chèvre cheeses. About 3,000 pounds of handcrafted and aged cheese is produced every day at the creamery.

But the cheese represents more than satiety for the belly – it’s nourishing for the soul. At Heartland, a faith-based stewardship program, founded by Charles Sharpe, provides jobs and life skills training to those seeking direction in rebuilding their lives. They help create the farm fresh cheeses that have won awards such as top honors from the American Cheese Society.

With its rich aroma, creamy interior, and fresh, clean flavor with a hint of tanginess, Heartland Creamery’s cheese brings simplicity, quality and great taste from the farm to diners’ plates. The herd is not treated with artificial growth hormones so the product is 100 percent natural with a difference you can taste.

A simple starter of goat cheese can be dressed up with honey, fig jam or lemon curd. The cheese is fabulous in a dip or spread. Snacking is more spectacular with some of Heartland’s cheese on bruschetta or flatbread. To take an entrée to the next level, try it with herbs as a stuffing for chicken breasts, in pasta with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, or over lamb chops. Goat cheese is magical as the base for a creamy, indulgent ice cream or luscious, velvety cheesecake.

The products are available at Schnucks, so if a trip to the idyllic bliss of Heartland is not possible, a taste of rural America is just one delectable morsel away.

Try some Heartland Creamery Natural Chèvre today… visit us at to get our Fig and Goat Cheesecake with Pistachio Crust recipe. Absolutely delicious!