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How to Make Apricot Linzer Cookies

Perfect for giving or serving at parties, these impressive, buttery sandwich cookies are a fun treat to make for the holidays. If you’ll be packaging up the cookies for gifts, you’ll want to separate each layer with waxed paper.

1. Rolling – If dough is too stiff to roll out, let it stand about 10 minutes for easier rolling. You’ll want to re-roll the dough scraps only once to keep the cookies from becoming tough.

2. Cutting – You can use almost any cookie cutters to cut out the cookies. Use a large scalloped-edge cookie cutter and a small holiday-shaped one to add a festive flair. Once the cookies have been transferred to the cookie sheet, remember to only cut out the centers from half of the cookies before baking.

3. Dusting – Don’t forget to dust the tops of the cookies with center cutouts before assembling the cookies. The cookies can be sprinkled with powdered sugar directly on the cooling rack once they’ve cooled. You’ll want to place parchment paper or a cookie sheet under the rack to catch the excess powdered sugar.

4. Spread Filling – Make sure you spread the apricot preserves on the flat, underside of the cookies without a center cutout. Use raspberry or strawberry preserves for the holiday season.