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Bunny Egg Cozies

With spring in the air and blossoms on the trees, what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than making some super-cute Bunny Egg Cozies in fresh pastel shades?

1. Gather together your supplies. For this craft you will need a selection of colored felt measuring 11” x 8” for each bunny, scissors, pins, a pencil, embroidery thread, small colored buttons, a sewing needle and a printed pattern template.
Go to for a printable pattern.

2. Cut out the pattern piece. Using a sharp pin, pierce the paper at each dot marking the bunny’s face. (This will help as a guide while you are stitching the face.)

3. Fold the piece of felt in half and pin the pattern through both layers.

4. Cut through both layers so that you have a matching pair of bunnies.

5. With a very sharp pencil, lightly press through the pin holes onto the fabric. Don’t press too hard, you just want a light dot to use as a sewing guide.

6. Cut a small triangle in a contrasting color of felt for the nose; position 2 buttons for the eyes. Now you can start to sew the face. Remember, you are only sewing through one of the layers!

7. Using the dots as a guide, backstitch with the embroidery thread to make the whiskers and mouth and to secure the nose. Stitch the button eyes on also. Once all of the stitching is done you can pin both bunnies together for the final step.

8. Stitch the bunnies together using an overstitch, leaving the bottom open.