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Campfire Creations

A good camping experience starts with a hearty meal and always ends with s’mores! While the standard combination is tested and approved, we highly recommend you branch out and try these super tasty s’mores remixes. Simply toast and then smash!

S’more Combos
> Plain graham crackers, bacon or candied bacon, chocolate toffee bar, marshmallow
> Plain graham crackers, banana slices, strawberry preserves, chocolate hazelnut spread, marshmallow
> Shortbread cookies, raspberry, chocolate peanut butter cup, marshmallow
> Cinnamon graham crackers, apple slices, caramel-filled candy bar, marshmallow
> Ginger snaps, pineapple tidbits, coconut-almond candy bar, marshmallow
> Oatmeal cookies, chocolate peanut butter cup, grape jelly, marshmallow
> Pretzel chips, apple slices, caramel-filled candy bar, marshmallow