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Crab & Shrimp Boil 101

Give the grill a break and cook up this indulgent summertime feast. For many, preparing a seafood boil is an art: deciding which type of shellfish to use, what type of seasonings and vegetables to include, and whether to add sausage. Give this impressive yet simple recipe a try, then grab some beer, plenty of napkins and dig in!

1. Onion Root – When trimming the root end of the onion, make sure to leave a portion of the root attached. This will help the onion wedges stay together as they cook.

2. Seasoning – Seafood boil seasoning bags are very convenient because they eliminate the need to decide which and how much of each herb and spice to include. As the mixture comes to a boil, the seasonings will infuse the cooking liquid with aromatics that perfectly complement the shellfish.

3. Perfect Timing – The trick to a seafood boil is timing the addition of the ingredients. Sturdier vegetables require a longer cooking time than softer vegetables, crab, shrimp and smoked sausage. Play around with your favorite ingredients, but just remember the timing trick. Try other vegetables like mushrooms, halved garlic cloves, chopped celery and halved Brussels sprouts.

4. Dig In – Pouring the strained mixture out onto a covered surface makes for both easy serving and cleanup. Have several shellfish crackers, small seafood forks and hot sauce on hand, as well as a few empty bowls for discarding the shells.