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Food & Beer Pairing


Beer connoisseurs, the time is now! As the art of pairing food and wine has been a longtime tradition, the up and coming trend is to pair food with beer! Although there is no exact science, here are a few simple rules that you can follow.

Think culturally. Try imported beers from the same country as the food you are making. For example, a dark Irish stout would be perfect with a bowl of Shepherd’s Pie. Or, doesn’t a plate of enchiladas or nachos make your mouth water for a Mexican beer? Try a light blend with casual foods such as our Spicy Beef Nachos on page 17. Choosing from a variety of south-of-the-border brews will make you say “una cerveza, por favor!”

Another easy trick for the brew-novice to follow is to pair lighter beers with lighter meals and heavier beers with heavier foods. Since lagers are so light, they are known to quench thirst – try this beer with spicier cuisine. In general, ales are usually an easy beer to pair with food. Amber ale complements hearty meals such as soups and pizzas while hamburgers, steaks and other red meat pair up perfectly with an English pale ale.

Tease your complex palate by mixing beer with some unconventional flavors. Customarily paired with wine, strong cheeses will stand tall next to an oatmeal stout or porter. And don’t forget about dessert! Imperial and cream stouts are impeccable with chocolate. The hint of sweetness or fruity tastes will serve as the absolute complement to any chocolate treat. Try one with our Molten Ganache Cakes on page 29. Here’s to becoming the master of brews – cheers!

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