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Fun & Healthy Food Ideas For Kids

bugs on a log
Who’s afraid of a little bug? This is a delicious (and easy) treat the kids will love. Simply wash and thoroughly dry a celery stick. Spread or pipe peanut butter or a peanut butter alternative into the natural curve of the stalk. Top with raisins, coconut, nuts, cereal or dried cherries.

fruit kabobs
Kids love to help out in the kitchen. Buy some wooden skewers or craft sticks and some of their favorite fruit. After cutting up the fruit, sit the kids down and let them make their own kabob creations. A side of flavored yogurt will add some special zing!

fruit freeze
Instead of the usual popsicles, try a homemade and healthier version. All you need are some small paper cups and wooden craft sticks. Choose your favorite yogurt or natural juice, fill the cups and freeze for a refreshing treat.

smoothies + veggie juice
Fruit smoothies are all the rage for children and adults Try making one with your favorite fruit and either milk or yogurt. Don’t turn your nose up at vegetable juiceÉ add apples to carrot juice and you’ll never look back. Yum!

food as art
Let your children discover their taste buds along with their artistic talent. A great culinary masterpiece can begin with bagels and low-fat cream cheese. Set out some healthy toppings, like dried or fresh-cut fruit and veggies, and encourage their creativity.

mama mia
Every kid loves pizza. Try making a nutritious version at home using whole wheat pizza dough and low-fat cheese. Allow the kids to select the fruits and veggies to use as toppings. Let the kids help you put it together for all to enjoy. There’s no limit to the combinations!