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Halloween Party Ideas

  • Create an edible swamp or graveyard using crumbled chocolate cake or cookies for dirt, chocolate or green-tinted pudding for a bog or swamp, gummy snakes, sugar cookie tombstones, green-tinted coconut “moss,” cotton candy cobwebs, etc. Small knot-shaped pretzels can be stood side to side to form a fence. Instead of a serving spoon, a child’s small plastic shovel can be used for “unearthing” the treats!
  • Set up a create-your-own monster cupcake station. Provide plain frosted cupcakes and an assortment of candy and nuts for decorating: licorice whips for hair or whiskers, gumdrop noses, tinted shredded coconut for fur, candy corns or slivered almonds for teeth or fangs, peppermints for eyes, etc.
  • Many party foods can undergo simple transformations to fit a spooky theme. For example, cut deviled eggs in half horizontally instead of vertically, top with an olive slice, and they become eyeballs staring up from the platter. Or take baby carrots, cheese sticks or other finger-shaped food, apply sliced almonds with a dab of cream cheese to make fingernails, and you have a tray of “severed” fingers.