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How to Make Savory Pear Soup

There’s nothing more enticing than hot soup bubbling on the stove top filling the house with delicious aromas. Our recipe for Savory Pear Soup slowly simmers an onion and a potato with pears for a warm and creamy bowl of comfort.

1. Dice It – Peel and cut the onion in half through the root. Place each onion half cut side down on your cutting board. Use the tip of a chef’s knife to make evenly spaced parallel cuts through the onion without cutting through the root end. Then, turn the onion 45° and slice across the onion to dice.

2. Sweat the Onion – Slowly cook the onion in butter over medium-low heat just until it is softened; you don’t want it to brown. This is referred to as ‘sweating’ and will help deepen the flavor of the soup.

3. Simmer Away – Once the potato, pears, honey and herbs have been added and briefly cooked, add the chicken stock. Allow the soup to simmer, further developing the depth of flavors, until the potato and pears are softened.

4. Toast Walnuts – To toast the walnuts, simply cook them in a dry skillet over low heat in a single layer. Give the nuts a stir occasionally and cook just until they’re brown and fragrant. You’ll want to transfer them to a plate to cool so they won’t continue to cook.

5. Purée – Once the soup has simmered and the potato and pears have softened, use a large ladle to transfer the soup to a blender and purée it in batches. Pour the puréed soup into a large bowl or container until all of the soup has been puréed.