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Midwest Beer Cheese Soup 101

With a slight hint of German Kölsch style beer, this delicious and creamy cheese soup hits the spot on crisp, fall days. Our Oktoberfest-inspired soup comes together easily with a few tips for achieving just the right consistency.

  1. Crush It – A garlic press is a convenient tool for crushing garlic cloves. The skin can even be left on the cloves when crushing the garlic through the press, making for easier cleanup too.
  2. Roux – An equal mixture of flour and fat is known as a roux, which is often used to thicken soups and sauces. After the flour is added to the melted butter and vegetables in the saucepot, it’s cooked only briefly (creating a white roux) so as not to darken the color of the soup.
  3. Easy Cheesy – Gradually add and stir the shredded white Cheddar cheese into the soup. This helps prevent the cheese from becoming one large mass that doesn’t fully melt.
  4. Dish It Out/Top It – Off Heat your oven-safe soup bowls for a bit in a 200°F oven before dishing out the soup. Then, get creative with toppings to complement this soul-warming soup. We like sliced green onions and chopped cooked bacon, seasoned croutons and chopped fresh parsley, or packaged pre-cut coleslaw mix or broccoli slaw.