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Riesling Renaissance

A versatile and graceful wine, Riesling is now emerging into the American market, joining circles of Riesling lovers around the globe. With an extraordinary lifespan, Riesling grapes flourish best in cooler climates with ample sunlight and limited wind conditions.

The Riesling grape can go through an astonishing transformation called botrytis cinerea, also referred to as the “noble rot.” If grapes are left on the vine during an extremely wet day followed by exposure to dry conditions, a non-toxic mold attacks the grapes. Amazingly, this mold has a positive effect on the Riesling grapes – leaving them to shrivel and increase the intensity of sugars and acids for a more intense and flavorful wine.

Many wine enthusiasts are touting the great qualities of Riesling and people should take notice. Perceived by many as a sweet dessert wine, Riesling wines can actually vary from dry and semi-dry to sparkling and dessert. Dry Rieslings have a well-balanced flavor that pairs very nicely with food. Try them with spicy Thai or barbequed foods – they are a perfect complement!

Expand your wine horizons and try some of our sensational Riesling selections. Celebrate the origin of the Riesling grape with a bottle from Leonard Kreusch, a light but full-flavored wine from Germany. Bridgeview is a budget-friendly Riesling from Oregon boasting flavors of apples, apricots and grapefruit. And while Covey Run is another winner with some residual sweetness, Hogue Late Harvest is the perfect dessert Riesling. This Washington wine defines quality with late harvest flavors finishing with a hint of cocoa and mint. If you are a rookie when it comes to Riesling, try bottles by Kendall-Jackson or Chateau Ste. Michelle. These two popular wines will tantalize your taste buds and make you a Riesling admirer.