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Trend Watch
The Perfect Egg Alternative?
Aquafaba, otherwise known as the liquid that chickpeas and beans are soaked in, is an emerging ingredient that is popular for its egg-like consistency and plant-based properties. It has a unique mix of starches and proteins that give it a wide variety of emulsifying, foaming, binding, gelatinizing and thickening properties. Aquafaba can be substituted for eggs to create homemade mayonnaise, cheeses, butter and baked goods. Or, use cooked beans or chickpeas along with aquafaba as a base for a flavorful dip, curry or stew.

2017 Herb of the Year!
Named 2017 Herb of the Year by the International Herb Association, coriander seeds or cilantro leaves boost the flavor of many foods. Cilantro is found in many ethnic dishes, giving them a lemony and fresh taste.

Top a chili, stew or soup with sour cream mixed with chopped cilantro. For a healthier alternative, add cilantro to a plain yogurt and use in the same way.

Infuse cooking oils with cilantro and let stand to develop great flavors to add to meats, pasta or salad dressings. For an even fresher taste, include lime to create an exceptional cilantro-lime dressing.

Prepare to detox! Cilantro has several health benefits including alleviating headaches, absorbing toxins and relieving pain. Add cilantro to tea or broth and cover for 20 minutes to infuse with flavor.

Top Culinary Talent in St. Louis
The St. Louis Community College culinary program recently ranked No. 9 on a list of the 50 best culinary schools in the U.S. There are 160 students currently enrolled, plus an additional 98 students studying baking and pastry art where they are learning to prepare and manage meals through a commercial simulation. Former students of this program have gone on to impress; winning competitions and titles like Next Great Baker, Cupcake Wars and U.S. Chef Educator of the Year.

Name Brand Sweet Treats
Adding brand names to desserts is trending in the foodservice industry. Brand names such as Guinness, Hershey’s, Ghirardelli and M&M’s were the fastest growing brands mentioned in desserts in recent years. The familiarity of these brand names resonates with guests to create a more fun and comfortable dining experience. Try incorporating name brand items into your own homemade desserts for new textures and heightened flavor combinations.

Scrape Level Measuring Spoons
Use exact measurements with Levoons Hyper-Precise Measuring Spoons. Their simple, yet brilliant design is easy to use and ensures accuracy in every recipe. Pour the desired ingredient into the measuring cup, squeeze the handle of the spoon, and part of the Levoons handle will skim across the surface, leaving the exact amount needed. If you want Levoons in your kitchen, check out:

Technicolor Dream Kitchen
In 2017, various color schemes will lead the way in trending kitchen décor. A gray kitchen is a classy, on-trend color that perfectly complements stone or concrete materials. All-white kitchens will continue to trend but look out for black-themed decorative elements to grow in popularity due to their untraditional and contemporary look. More unique colors for cabinets like pale yellow and tropical blues will add an edge to kitchens and a second level of color. Decorative tiling is another fashionable way to accent a simple kitchen by adding to flooring, cabinet or wall patterns.